Become part of us

There are many ways you can become part of our movement, as individual or as organization. You can support Our School, Health Unit, OVC Project, Agriculture, Tourism and Water & Sanitation. We also regularly look for volunteers in all the above projects. Please contact us, we gladly look with you for a partnership that suits you best.

1. Sponsor an orphan
There comes the table of what the options are and and what it costs


2. Sponsor the health clinic
Small medical kit (25 euro)
Medium medical kit (50 euro)
Big medical kit (100 euro)

3. Volunteer/internship/consultant
Colunteer: maternity ward
Colunteer: dentist
Colunteer: set up counseling program and train staff
Consultant: professionalize micro-finance & lending groups

4. Equipment

5. special arrangements (contact us or our regional contacts)
School books

Let us know who is supporting us