We develop small scale, sustainable tourism because we want to be donor independent. To become less donor depended, boost the local economy and create internship/vocational training for our pupils, we are determined to use our wonderful location for small scale, community driven and sustainable tourism.

Current Undertakings in Tourism

Rena Foundation Uganda, under its Rwenzori Tourism Academy and in partnership with Matoke Tours Limited and EyeOpenerWorks Limited have established a partnership to create increased employment opportunities in the tourism sector for youth in the Rwenzori region. The initiative foresees to train and mentor at least 30 out of school youth (of which at least 50% girls and young women) from the Rwenzori region in marketable skills relevant to the hospitality industry (house-keeping, hospitality, and catering). The process of training and mentoring is geared at supporting them to find meaningful employment in the mid-range and up-market hotel and tourism sector.

The Rwenzori Tourism Academy foresees to achieve this objective by working closely together with private sector players in the mid-range and up-market hotel and tourism sector (lodges and resorts) in the district of Kabarole. These lodges and resorts will contribute to the both the development and implementation of a market-oriented curriculum (assessment and training package) for skills development by, among others, co-designing the curriculum and hosting the trainees. The curriculum and the lessons learned during implementation will be shared with interested government institutions, vocational training centres and civil society actors.

RENA Foundation will oversee the implementation of all activities, taking a specific lead in acquiring equipment and tools, recruitment of trainees, and in coordinating collaboration between all involved stakeholders. Matoke Tours will coordinate the collaboration with the hotels and lodges and contribute to the development and implementation of the training package based upon their knowledge of the sector. Lastly, EyeOpenerWorks will support RENA Foundation in financially managing the project, facilitate the curriculum development process, train the trainers/mentors, capture and share lessons learned and further think through a sustainability strategy for the initiative. We are grateful to Enabel Uganda for the support in implementing this project!