St Theresa Technical Institute Mahyoro

Rena Foundation Uganda is desirous of starting a Technical Institute   aimed at transforming the lives of particularly the youth around Mahyoro area through empowering them with technical skills that will enable them to compete favorably in the job market or engage in self employment, as measure to reduce the high rates of un employment in Uganda and particularly in the Rwenzori region. This is in line with the Government of Uganda policy of skilling Ugandans. Rena Foundation Uganda intends to explore innovative training and instructional approaches to ensure that the products from this institute are job creators and not job seekers.

Rena as an organization has resources which can help in establishment of this Technical Institute, these among others include; land onto which to construct the Institute, Some  equipments to use like computers, sewing machines, BCP training equipments, woodwork and carpentry equipments, among others

The willingness of our development partners like Dr. Bruni Giuseppe who is already mobilizing some machines to support Rena under technical education. Our existing staff handling vocational subjects at St Theresa Voc. Secondary school have willingly offered support plus the students of St Theresa voc. Secondary school who are taking some of the vocational subjects

 Below are some forces to reckon with;

our location surrounded by over 10 primary schools whose most pupils never continue education after primary seven, there is no Vocational Institution in the entire Sub County; this will give us a chance to attract students from Mahyoro Sub County, nearby sub counties and districts, plus the good will from Development partners to contribute towards the success of this project.


  • Brick /Block Laying and Concrete Practice (BCP)
  • Tailoring and Garment Design
  • Hair Dressing and Cosmetology
  •  Carpentry and Joinery
  • Computer Training (ICT)
  • Welding
  • Sweater Knitting
  • Driving and Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Pottery and Ceramics
  • Catering
  • Plumbing
  • Art and Crafts
  •  Ceramics
  • Shoe Making and Leather Turning
  • Hospitality (Skills in Hotel Management and Tourism )

Project sustainability

The Project of a technical Institute will be self sustainable through sale of the products that the learners shall be producing, the tuition fees that the learners will continue paying from time to time.